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Christi was saying on Twitter that it was all lies. Personally, I believe the girls were telling the truth, or at least parts of it, as they saw it. Mackenzie especially seemed emotional, and I don't think she's capable of being that convincing an actress. And I have very little trust in Christi's general honesty, for a great number of reasons.

I also believe Christi has been telling Chloe that she should not consider the other girls on the show as her friends for a long time... from the date of the big fight with Kelly and Abby; and that Christi was trying to isolate Chloe from communicating with them during the mid-season break last season. An example that sticks out for me: Chloe's Instagram posted a pic with Nia and Kendall saying something about them being friends during that mid-season break, but it was quickly removed by somebody. I didn't see that kind of outreach happen again from Chloe's account. (Even well before last year's midseason break, Holly was reprimanding Christi for isolating herself from the other moms, and saying it was predictable that the girls would copy what they saw.)

And why? I guess because Christi thinks the other girls should have taken sides against Abby in the fighting.

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