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She doesn’t get solos because she doesn’t win like Maddie and Chloe do. It costs a lot of money to enter solos, extra for the titles. It’s not cheap. In season one, none of her solos placed (People, Gemini, Hot List). Make Some Noise won, but Tongue Twister got 7th and Creme de la Creme got 6th, and City of Angels didn't place. In season three she came 2nd for Get Up, Get Loud, Get Tough!, came 3rd for I Wanna Dance and didn't place for The One. In season four her solo Ooh La La placed 5th. Although it's a bit of a disappointment that Paige didn't get many solos and deserved more, it's all for a reason.

  • (1) In the third season, she had just turned 12, which generally made her one of the youngest dancers in her new, older, and much-tougher age-division... that put her at more of a disadvantage, and Abby wants to spend her time giving solos to people who are going to win (as said above)... (2) Paige also had probably gotten a little off-track after breaking her foot, and I thought she never looked as confident onstage after her "Creme de la Creme" solo. And while I think she was getting better in a lot of areas, she had been best at acro, and that gets harder as people grow taller. (3) Plus Abby didn't think Paige was training hard enough, and was saying Paige and Brooke only showed up for the show... and some of the reason Paige didn't show up was because Paige had a hard time handling Abby yelling at her... and Kelly didn't like seeing that, either, and so didn't like her daughter being around Abby so much. (4) And Paige strikes me as a girl who really likes playing with her friends and being nice to them, almost obsessively; which makes her a very sweet person and a thoughtful friend, but maybe distracts her attention away from caring about dance so much. These are just my guesses and opinions. WhereIsMyMind (talk) 11:29, March 25, 2014 (UTC)