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Nia sioux5 on 2015-05-22 - For the rumor spreaders (Holly and herself) are not leaving DanceMoms etc

Posted by Nia on her Instagram

Nia interviewed at Reality TV Awards, 14 May 2015:

Nia: I definitely will be dancing with the ALDC next season.
Christy Olson: Is that a "I already signed the contract"?
Holly: No, it's not so much that we signed a contract...
Nia: I danced there since I was three.
Holly: Right. We've been here a long time... I really do think she likes Nia quite a bit. I don't know if she cares for me so much, but she does care for Nia. So.

Nia on her IG on 22 May 2015:

"For the rumor spreaders.... @dancemomholly and I are not leaving #DanceMoms ❤️ have a nice day"
— (IG post link)

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