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There were two lawsuits:

The first lawsuit had Kelly as a plaintiff, with Brooke and Paige as co-plaintiffs. In this lawsuit, they were suing for defamation, assault by Abby against Kelly in the big final fight in New York, and "infliction of emotional distress" (call it "abuse") against Paige. The judge dismissed most of those claims without going to trial, except the one that it was really Abby who assaulted Kelly in New York, which might still go to actual civil trial. (There are also active claims against the Collins Avenue producers about breach of contract and damaging their home's floor, but those don't involve Abby.)

In the second lawsuit, Paige was a plaintiff against Abby, saying that she was scared of being hit by the chair that Abby threw. I don't know if this lawsuit is still active, because the media didn't report on this very consistently or clearly.

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