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Written March 18th, 2015

Nia is currently with the ALDC in Australia (March 2015 - the episode they just broadcast was from December.)

It's possible that Nia might leave the ALDC at the end of season 5, but I think it would be very unlikely before then.

Written March 18th, 2015

If you want my more personal and debatable guesswork, I don't think Nia is going to leave the ALDC even after the fifth season.

She might stop being on television every week, they might graduate her from the "Junior Elite Team," and she might be more like Payton has been. But this has as much to do with producers as anything, who may want to put younger dancers on the program. (This assumes there is a sixth season, which isn't even certain.)

I don't think Nia has bad relationships with people at the studio besides Abby, and even that is probably better than what it seems like on television. And if you're not on the television show very often, then you don't have to work that much with Abby, anyway. For the most part outside the girls on television, ALDC classes are taught by other faculty members.

And even Payton has been in a position to become incredibly famous for a dancer... incredibly famous by any criteria for a 17 year old, really.

Nia sioux5 on 2015-05-22 - For the rumor spreaders (Holly and herself) are not leaving DanceMoms etc

Posted by Nia on her Instagram

Nia interviewed at Reality TV Awards, 14 May 2015:

Nia: I definitely will be dancing with the ALDC next season.
Christy Olson: Is that a "I already signed the contract"?
Holly: No, it's not so much that we signed a contract...
Nia: I danced there since I was three.
Holly: Right. We've been here a long time... I really do think she likes Nia quite a bit. I don't know if she cares for me so much, but she does care for Nia. So.

Nia on her IG on 22 May 2015:

"For the rumor spreaders.... @dancemomholly and I are not leaving #DanceMoms ❤️ have a nice day"
— (IG post link)

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