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There should be sort buttons at the upper right, where it says "Place Awards."

The following is written in March 2015...In my opinion maddie is a brat she is so full of herself

I count 46 times there that she has placed 1st with a solo, but that is only from solos at competitions filmed for the show.

There's another time that she was 2nd in her solo, but won in the title division (Junior Miss Starpower.) And there's also the episode with the big scoring controversy with Chloe.

I count around 20 more documented times there that she has either placed 1st or won a title, at competitions that were not filmed for the show. I'm sure there must be more times that happened, but that's just those that have been documented on that page. (Hopefully they've almost all been well documented, but I'm worried that page may be getting a little sloppy here-and-there in its sourcing, and I didn't go through it real carefully.)...Maddie needs realise that she is not the best dancer ans shouldn't be claiming it .

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