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  • 11 or 12 times on the show

Outside the show:

  • one time winning in the title division Dance Masters of Pennsylvania (Junior Miss Dance of Pennsylvania, c.2011). Dance Masters splits solo and title divisions: it's similar to the way Sheer Talent operates at their nationals, if you're familiar with that. (The person who finished 2nd was Paige, which says something about the quality of the studios going to Dance Masters' competitions in Pennsylvania.)
  • once at Sheer Talent (2013, Pittsburgh)
  • from 2009 until 2011, several times in the title division at Dance Educators of America (which Abby's friend Vickie Sheer used to run, before she created Sheer Talent; and I'm assuming that all these titles involved solos as part of the judging)
  • once in 2008 at Onstage New York in the prep division

I may be overlooking one or more things; and there's probably missing information from way back before Dance Moms; but that's what I can find in a reasonable amount of time.

And don't expect her to ever win a solo ever again.

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