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Music videosEdit

Year Song Artist Notes
2011"It's Like Summer"LUXSupporting
2012"Cry"Alexx CaliseLead
2012"Summer Love Song"Brooke HylandSupporting
2014"Girl Party"Mack Z Supporting
2014"Freaks Like Me"Todrick HallSupporting, vocals
2014"Chandelier"SiaLead, Video nominated at 2014 MTV Video Music Awards for 'Video of the Year' and 'Best Choreography' (Won 'Best Choreography'), also nominated for Grammy Award for Best Music Video.
2014"Shine"Mack ZSupporting
2015"Elastic Heart"SiaLead, alongside Shia LaBeouf
2015"Big Girls Cry"SiaLead

This page has used information and formatting taken from the Wikipedia page "Maddie Ziegler."

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