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Q - How many times has [a certain dancer] been on top of the pyramid?

A - Information about the pyramid can be found at this link, including updated totals for times at the top.

Q - How old is a certain cast member?

A - Current ages for the more famous dancers can be found here. Ages for others in the cast can usually be found by visiting their bio pages on the Dance Moms Wiki, and looking through the infobox in the upper right. Check this link to find their bio pages at that sister-Wiki.

Q - What is a certain person's phone number?

A - Personal phone numbers need to be private for celebrities, because too many people would be calling them constantly... and some people would be extraordinarily rude, too. So they can't be given out publicly (even if they were known).

Q - How do you get on the show?

A - See this page

Q - What are their Instagram and Twitter accounts?

A - See this page

Q - What grades are they in?

A - See this page

Q - Are any of the girls dead, have cancer, or something else terrible I saw in a YouTube video?

A - No. These things are all made-up.