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  • Most of the fighting and nastiness seems pretty real in recent episodes. (A partial exception is Leslie swearing, and then deliberately repeating the word; Payton seems to have not had a costume that fit for her solo, and while Leslie was upset, the swearing stuff seems to have been made-up for extra drama on why Payton's solo was canceled.) If you go back far enough, Jill often played a fake over-the-top self-centered character; especially true if you look at her early in Season 2. The fighting in general back in Season 1 thru early Season 3 seemed a mixture of fake and real... even as late as Season 3 Nationals, the fight between Leslie and Christi looked like something orchestrated by producers imo (although Leslie seems to have wanted to take the opportunity to truly rough-up Christi.) But at the moment, it seems similar to a music band that's been together too long, and the producers don't really need to make-up fights between the moms... especially between Christi and Melissa. Just my opinions. — WhereIsMyMind (talk) 20:44, April 3, 2014 (UTC)